Steve Williams was born in the shadow of the Big Merino, a rather large, attractive concrete likeness of a sheep in Goulburn, Australia. Somewhat disturbed by that experience, he wrote his first satirical piece when he was eight, commenting on the unique playing styles and exotic fashions of his mother’s ladies midweek tennis club. Steve has done a few laps of the media block in over thirty years, working in digital media, print, radio (both sides of the microphone), TV (both sides of the camera), PR and the music business.

Steve contributes words, images and sounds to international magazines and newspapers including The Huffington Post, Tatler, Robb Report and Playboy, as well as global corporate clients, websites, radio stations and random passersby.

If nothing else, he’s a versatile bastard.

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For Steve’s professional work, visit Swill Media — for stream of consciousness stuff and the odd rant — enjoy a hot serving of steaming random swill.

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