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I wish I had done something, now I feel like a bastard.

I dropped my wife off at the airport today, then had some lunch at an airport café. As I was leaving the café, I noticed a 30-ish woman sitting in a booth by herself crying quietly, but noticeably.
Head in hands.

I kept walking. I should have gone over to her and asked if she was ok, but I didn’t.
Now I feel like a bastard. Why didn’t I stop? That’s a rhetorical question.

I felt bad for her, but didn’t want to disturb or embarrass her.
It was none of my business. I didn’t want her to think I was some interfering nutjob. I didn’t want to intrude. They are bullshit excuses. I should have done something.

I’ve been replaying it constantly. My imagination kicking in like it does. I wonder why she was crying? What was her story? Was she leaving the country and sad about it? Had she just said goodbye to a loved one? Was it a fight with her partner / friend / colleague who had left her sitting there? Was it…

What was her story? What made her so upset that she was crying at an airport café?
I’ll never know, because I walked away.

Fast-forward a couple of hours.

I am writing this on my iPhone while stuck in the lift at our apartment building, after returning from the airport. I have been stuck here for an hour. I call it karma, I should have asked that woman
“Are you ok? Can I do anything to help?” It wouldn’t have taken much. No doubt she would have said, “No, thanks, I’m fine, but thanks for asking me.”

I’m usually a fairly caring, sensitive, helpful guy. I often go out of my way to help people.
But apparently not today, and I’m really angry at myself about it.

What would you have done? Would you have gone over to her? Or like me, just kept walking?

I really hope she’s ok.

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