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Gun control is an attack on freedom? Bullshit

Another mass shooting at a school in the United States. Seventeen people murdered.
As usual, opponents of gun control talk about “freedom”.

Is it freedom that children are terrified to go to school?

Is it freedom that the Second Amendment, including “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” was ratified in 1791 and is still defended today?

Is it freedom that weapons of war, deadly semi-automatic assault rifles can be bought legally?

Is it freedom that schools need to have active shooter drills?

Is it freedom that bulletproof backpacks are being marketed to school children?

Is it freedom that an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle has been used in five of the six deadliest mass shootings of the past six years in the United States?

Is it freedom that schools in the United States need to have metal detectors?

Is it freedom that since 2000 there have been 188 shootings at schools and universities in the United States?

Is it freedom that the National Rifle Association was promoting a Valentine’s Day-themed tweet encouraging people to buy guns for their loved ones?

Is it freedom that third-graders in Missouri were selling raffle tickets for the first prize of an AR-15, the rifle that was used in the Florida school mass shooting?

Is it freedom that President Donald Trump signed a bill blocking Obama-era background checks on guns for people with mental illnesses?

Is it freedom that children are continually being murdered in United States schools
with high-powered assault weapons?

Is it freedom that President Trump’s solution is for teachers to be armed?

No, it’s not freedom, it’s insane.

Land of the free and home of the brave? Hardly.
The school children cowering under their desks are brave.

Politicians will be when they finally act on gun control to stop the slaughter.

©Steve Williams 2018

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Bermuda Triangle — Disappearing Act?

So it just went away did it? Remember The Bermuda Triangle? That spooky vortex of naughtiness between Florida, Bermuda and Puerto Rico that sucked up planes and ships like a Dyson vacuum cleaner on Honey Boo Boo Child’s go-go juice?

The Devil’s Triangle about to call Kris Jenner

You just don’t hear about it any more — the Bermuda Triangle, not Honey Boo Boo unfortunately. Though some would wish she and her eloquent kinfolk would also disappear.

The Bermuda Triangle was also known as “The Devil’s Triangle” which some more über-rabid religions would probably use to describe bikini bottoms, but I digress.

I find it rather interesting that unsuspecting seafarers and aviators don’t seem to be disappearing anymore, which always reminded me of an infamous Derek and Clive sketch involving Joan Crawford, but I’m not going there girl and / or boyfriend.

The same could be said for the Loch Ness Monster. Has he retired? Hung up his humps? There hasn’t been a blurry, grainy, shaky, long distance sighting for years. This is surprising, considering how every human being is armed with a smart phone capable of documenting his (or her) “existence” and that of of its colleagues the Yeti / Big Foot / Sasquatch / Abominable Snowman and the random “GIANT HAMSTERS STEAL BOY!!!!” that the screaming tabloids regurgitate every month or so.

Maybe Nessie is shuffling along the sands of the Florida coast with his Zimmer frame in his LOUD shorts, gazing out towards the Bermuda Triangle, thinking they would have made an awesome kombination. They just need some help. Time to call Kim Kardashian’s mum Kris Jenner…

©Steve Williams 2012

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