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Marriage Equality? More Questions Than Answers

For those who came in late, the Australian government is currently conducting
a “postal survey” on same sex marriage. I prefer to use the term “marriage equality”.

Which is what we are talking about.

The question, “Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?

Yes, of course you are entitled to your opinion, and how you are going to vote, sorry, respond to the postal survey. That’s one of the great things about Australia in 2017, freedom to express your views.
This leads me into the next sentence.

I have a few simple rhetorical questions to opponents of marriage equality.

*If a couple love each other and want to marry, how does it affect you?

*Why does their gender make the slightest difference? To you?

*Cut through the hysteria of the rabid nutjobs on both sides of the argument who have been polluting the issue… what difference will marriage equality make to your daily life?
Seriously, how will it impact you at all?

*What difference will marriage equality make to YOUR marriage? Is that what you’re worried about? That YOUR marriage will be cheapened in some way? Really?

*If you are voting no on the basis of religious beliefs, isn’t your god a god of love who preaches compassion for all humanity? So how do you justify that? That’s the “mysterious ways” bit again?

*Do you seriously believe that a man and woman are better parents than a couple of the same gender? What do you base that assumption on?

*If you are one of the many who say “I’m not homophobic, I have lots of gay friends”,
would you look them in the eye and say “You are not equal, you do not deserve the same rights
as I do.” Would you? Would you really?

Yes. It is that simple.

©Steve Williams 2017

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